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Expeditions are journeys into uncivilized regions to engage in combat agianst monsters or corrupt humans to gain honor, gold, items and experience. Each of the four countries have their own unique regions, each region has three regular enemy units and one boss, all unique to that particular region. Each enemy unit has it's own advantages and disadvantages, but the overall difficulty of an enemy is determined by the region it is found in.

Every succesful attack grants honor, gold and experience; with a chance for an item to drop. Boss creatures are guaranteed to drop a higher rarity item if defeated.


In order to travel to a region a gladiator must meet two criterias; First the gladiator must meet the minimum level requirement and second the gladiator will have to defeat the previous region's boss. Once these two criterias are met the player will have access to the region and the region's dungeon.



Name Rat Lynx Wolf Bear
Image Rat Lynx Wolf 1 8
Level 1-2 2-5 4-8 8-10
Lifepoints 59-140 118-350 237-560 475-700
Strength Very weak (1-2) Weak (3-6) Normal (~9) Good
Dexterity Normal (3-6) Above average (6-13) Normal (10-18) Weak (14)
Agility Normal (4-8) Normal (8-16) Normal (14-20) Weak (22)
Constitut. Normal Weak Weak Above average (24)
Charisma Weak (3-6) Weak (6-12) Weak (10-18) Weak (22)
Intelligen. Normal Weak Weak Weak (12)
Armour Very weak (25-50) Very weak (40-110) Very weak (130-200) Normal (410-490)
Damage Weak (1-2) Weak (2-6 varies) Very weak (3-6) Normal (12-15)
If you believe what the old people say around here, there once lived a very popular king in this wood. The wood`s original name has been long forgotten and is now only known by the name Grimwood. Rumour has it, that this king made a pact with the dark side so that he could continue to reign forever. However, Grimwood is an extremely sinister place, full of wild animals and impenetrable brushwood. Countless numbers of hunters and lumberjacks went too deep into the woods, never to be seen again. If you believe the gossip, the old king took them into his lair so that they could serve him for all eternity...

Name Fled Slave Corrupt Soldier Assassin Captain
Image Fled Slave 1 17 1 22 1 21
Level 8-9 9-12 11-15 15-17
Hitpoints 475-630 535-840 237-560 892-1190
Skill Normal Weak (22) Normal Normal
Agility Normal Normal (38) Above average Normal
Charisma Very weak Weak (34) Very weak Weak
Armor Very weak Weak (406) Very weak Weak
Damage Very weak Weak (11-14) Weak Normal (12-15)

On the coast in the south-east there is a pirate harbour. There are a lot of shady characters and goods that would be forbidden elsewhere there. Uninvited guests aren`t welcome. Still, many adventurers and nosy people try their luck. Mostly they end up as food for the sharks. But if you bear up against all these pirates, you`ll get exotic treasures.

Name Elusive Recruit Harpy Cerberus Medusa
Image 1 20 1 1 1 3 1 2
Level 15-16 16-19 18-22 22-24
Hitpoints 892-1120 951-1330 1071-1540
Strength 40-50
Skill 30-40

Name Wild Pig Wolf Pack Alphawolf Werewolf
Image 1 6
1 4
1 34
Level 22-23 23-26 25-29 29-31
Hitpoints 1309-1610 1368-1819 1487-2029


One may access the country of Africa once one has reached level 20.

Blood Cave Enemies Edit

Name Blood Wolf Giant Beetle Fire Dancer Fire Demon
Blood Wolf
Giant Beetle
Fire Dancer
Fire Demon
Level 40 - 41 41 - 44 43 - 47 46 - 48
Lifepoint 2380 - 2870 2439 - 3080 2558 - 3290 2737 - 3360
Strength Measly Below Average Unremarkable Measly
Dexterity Very Weak Worthless Below Average Below Average
Agility Measly Unremarkable Very Weak Below Average
Constitut. Very Weak Weak Measly Weak
Charisma Measly Measly Weak Above Average
Intelligen. Measly Unremarkable Below Average Strong
Armour Worthless Below Average Worthless Worthless
Damage Very Weak Weak Weak Very Weak

Lost Port Enemies Edit

Name Crocodile Undead Messenger Giant Water Snake Mokele Mbembe
Odöd Budbärare
Giant Water Snake
Mokele Mbembe
Level 45 - 46 46 - 49 48 - 52 51 - 53
Lifepoint 2677 - 3220 2737 - 3430 2856 - 3639 3034 - 3709
Strength Very Weak Normal Below Average Below Average
Dexterity Measly Worthless Very Weak Weak
Agility Measly Unremarkable Worthless Very Weak
Constitut. Very Weak Below Average Weak Below Average
Charisma Worthless Worthless Worthless Weak
Intelligen. Unremarkable Unremarkable Measly Very Weak
Armour Weak Weak Weak Normal
Damage Weak Weak Very Weak Below Average

The Voodoo Temple is the second place in Africa players are supposed to fight here at levels: 30-38


It was a generous gift of the empire of the Umpokta. After the foundations and building materials had been delivered, The Umpokta decided to banish all the Roman architects and finish the construction themselves. Religious reasons were indicated for it. Matter of course the temple contains many secrets and treasures, who are protected by a armed force.



Giant Scorpion

Awaken Mummy

Priest of Seth

The Bridge is the 3rd place in Africa, Players are supposed to fight here at levels: 35-40


The Bridge seperates The Empire of The Umpokta with the Kingdom. The barter is a common reason for tolerance. Yet The Bridge is still guarded by The Umpokta




Tribe warrior

Bones shaman


The Cave Temple is the first place in Germany  , unlocked at level 40

Enemies  Edit





Enemy MasteryEdit

Defeating an enemy continually will allow the gladiator to unlock  bonuses which will increase the reward for defeating said enemy. There are a total of 4 bonuses, each will have to be gained one at a time, the speed at which a Gladiator can gain mastery over an enemy is based on the intelligence stat and the overall difficulty of the enemy. A gladiator with a low intellect will require an extended amount of time to gain these bonuses on higher level regions and in many cases the player will not gain them at all.

Once a bonus has been unlocked on an enemy, it is automatically unlocked on the boss of that region.

  • Disembowler
"Your experience enables you to find everything your opponent had of value. Gold looted increased by 30%"
  • Analytical Battle
"By better analyzing your opponent you gather 30% more experience in battle against him"
  • Sixth Sense for Loot
"Your knowledge of your opponent's habits increase your chance of finding an item by 10%"
  • Storyteller
"Stories about your defeated opponents increase your honor by 20%"
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