A set of gear


There are various items in the game, weapons , shields , chest armours , helmets , gloves , shoes , rings and amulets . All of them have different endings on their names, such as leather sandals of erradication or Iron cap of reversion. Using this naming system players will be able to decide on which gears will be best for what ever goal they have for their stats and what gear to give to which mercenary.

Stat boostsEdit

Gear will give you stat boost depending on your level. The game uses a naming system that will help you know what to expect in terms of state boost. The higher the level the more names are unlocked.

Here is a list of the ending names and what boosts they offer (these are standard numbers, exact boost numbers depend on item's level and quality):

Brightness: 10% charisma, +10 charisma

Pain: 1 damage, +5 strenght, +20% agility

Rapidity: 10% agility, +10 agility

Skill: +2% skill, +2 agility

Stars: +2% charisma, +1 damageLearning: +1 damage, +4 constitution, +4 charisma

Success: +2 strength, +2 damage

Satisfaction: +2 damage, +20 health

Sea: +10 health, +4 skill, +2 agility

Erradication: +4 hardenning value

Will: +57 armour, +4 blocking value, +8 threat

Reversion: +4 hardening value

Consagration: +24 healing, +6 critical healing, +2 intelligence

Curiosity: +20 healing, +3 critical healing

Emasculation: +15%intelligence

Wounds: +24 healing, +4 critical healing