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The noise coming from the market becomes more and more deafening as you approach. Hundreds of people haggle, chitchat and trade goods there from all over the world.

You can buy or sell your items here.

The market is available for level 5 and over. It acts as a trading hub for player owned items. One can put their items up for sale at the price of their choosing for three different durations of time: 2, 8 or 24 hours each different duration comes with it's own fee. Soul bound items cannot be sold here. Each country has their own market that are identical.

There is a private market for guilds known as Guild market.

Practical usesEdit

The markets are only useful dependent on how active your server is and how active the country you are shopping in as well, the less active it is the worse the market becomes as a place to trade. Selling actual equipment becomes useless due to the most players relying on the Auction Building to equipt themselves. The best product to sell on the market will be food, as all players need food but keep in mind that there are players that will over-price the food.

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