Name Fled Slave Corrupt Soldier Assassin Captain
Image Fled Slave 1 17 1 22 1 21
Level 8-9 9-12 11-15 15-17
Hitpoints 475-630 535-840 237-560 892-1190
Skill Normal Weak (22) Normal Normal
Agility Normal Normal (38) Above average Normal
Charisma Very weak Weak (34) Very weak Weak
Armor Very weak Weak (406) Very weak Weak
Damage Very weak Weak (11-14) Weak Normal (12-15)

On the coast in the south-east there is a pirate harbour. There are a lot of shady characters and goods that would be forbidden elsewhere there. Uninvited guests aren`t welcome. Still, many adventurers and nosy people try their luck. Mostly they end up as food for the sharks. But if you bear up against all these pirates, you`ll get exotic treasures.