"Magistratus, the laboratory, lies in the shadow of the building next door. You can choose from several different jobs here - none of them are particularly enjoyable, but they are not anywhere near as dangerous as fighting in the arena.

Some of the jobs do not pay very much, but at least you get what is left over at the end of the trading day".

Job Administrator


Alternative money making tactic


3 gems for "Jeweller" Job and "Senator" Job. Rest are free


Italy, Rome

-In game description

There are several ways to make money, working is long and while working all other in-game actions are paused until the work hours end.The player earns gold per hour with each job varying in the number of possible hours. Wages are paid per hour and are dependent on the job itself and the players level.

Along with sums of gold random items are dropped into the player's message box. The type of item and chance of items being rewareded depend on the job, with gem jobs having the highest chance to award.

A player needs to be at least level 3 to get a job.


There are 7 different jobs with different wages, hours and rewards.

List of jobs
Job Hours (Possible) Rewards Requirements
Senator 1-24 Delicacies(rare items) 3 gems
Jeweller 1-4 Delicacies(rare items) 3 gems
Stable boy 1-8 - free
Farmer 1-6 Apples, Bananas, Cheese free
Butcher 1-3 Steak, Chicken, Lamb legs free
Fisherman 4-10 Fish free
Baker 1-4 Bread, Bread rolls, Cake free


  • Although the player becomes in-active, he/she can still be challenged in the arena and can lose or gain positions. The hourly payment for being top #1 is still rewarded.